8.19.04 - Bet you weren't expecting to see THIS updated anytime soon! Well, if anyone is still reading this page, you might be interested to hear that Mädchen Amick is joining the cast of ER this fall as a social worker and love interest for Dr. Carter (Noah Wyle). She'll appear in at least 10 episodes.

3.5.01 - Look for Malcolm McDowell in "Princess of Thieves," airing on ABC on Sunday, March 11th.

7.18.00 - The 13 episodes of "Fantasy Island" begin airing on the Sci-Fi Channel this week.

7.22.99 - The pilot episode of "Fantasy Island" has been nominated for a 1999 Emmy Award for Outstanding Music Composition for a Series (Dramatic Underscore).

2.24.99 - Wanda at E! Online reports that Madchen Amick will be guest starring on "Dawson's Creek" as a new filmmaking teacher who arrives in Capeside and doesn't have kind words for Dawson or his movie.

12.31.98 - "Fantasy Island" was named a Best Comeback in "TV Guide's" Year in Cheers.

12.10.98 - "Fantasy Island" has been officially cancelled by ABC. New episodes will continue to air this month.

12.01.98 - While shooting an episode of "Fantasy Island" in Hawaii last week, popular stand-up comedian Gerry Red Wilson came down with meningitis and died suddenly. The episode, entitled "Let Go," will air on Saturday, December 26th.